6MMRPC – Week 4 Update

Well, a late update again. Week four did not see much progress on my mountain. I did receive my bag of resin 28mm skulls from Secret Weapon so I can start to work on Necron bases. Other than that, nothing else has been done. I’ve been busy getting ready for my surgery and to that end I’ve been cleaning up the apartment. It got really cluttered while getting ready for KublaCon and I didn’t realize until I started cleaning up how cluttered it was. It’s nice to see my apartment return to some sense of normalcy. It will also be nice to not have to deal with the clutter while recovering from surgery.


Tiny little bag ‘o skulls…

I’m scheduled for min-open carpal tunnel release surgery on my right had on Thursday afternoon. For the first few days I will be in a bandage and while I’ll have some use of my hand it might be a bit hard to do any work. The following Monday I go in to have the bandage removed and my hand is put into a brace to help protect it. At that point a lot of restrictions are lifted so I hope to be able to start working on miniatures again. A week later I will have the stitches removed. I hope to schedule the left hand sometime in early September. In the long run this will be good as I hope my hands will no longer go numb and allow me to really enjoy working on miniatures again.


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