6MMRPC Week 3 Update – Better late than never!


Doom Scythe in all its Necron glory!

Whew! Week three’s update is a bit late, but here it is!

The Doom Scythe is coming along. Assembly of the main body was completed Friday for use in our learning game. I still have edge highlighting to do and the weapon assembly and painting along with painting and adding the little bits along the wing edges. I’m going to try to magnetize the Death Ray and the Invasion Beam, but I may have a hard time doing that now that it’s assembled, but I will do that for the other two I have yet to assemble and paint. This allows me to field them as either unit as I won’t always bring 3 Doom Scythes or use the Deathbringer Flight formation.


I painted the pilot and cockpit before assembling the main body. Keep in mind, most of the pilot and cockpit are obscured after assembly so only paint what you’ll see, the rest I laid down basic colors so if you catch them at certain angles it won’t look like unpainted plastic.


Because I airbrushed the body, I painted each section before final assembly, which made painting a lot easier and fast. You just have to spend a few minutes planning during assembly, but the results are worth it.

I also pulled out some Warriors and on a test Warrior cleaned up the original paint job from nearly 13 years ago when I first built and painted the core of this army. I have to say that cleaned up the Warriors will look great and it will be nice to have unit markings on them finally. In the first picture below you can see the original 13 year-old paint job on the warrior on the right. On the left is the cleaned up version. I re-painted and highlighted the shoulder-pads and gun; added some additional details like the symbol on the chest, the eyes, and the cable and coils on the gun; finally I added some additional silver highlights to the joints and used some black ink to add some additional shadow to the “ribs” and joints. I just need to finish off the basing.


Original on the right, cleaned-up on the left.


Unit markings.

As mentioned above, basing will be done last. Originally 13 years ago I just did basics to get them done and out the door. I need to go back and do a lot of clean-up work, paint the individual elements before I dull coat, then glue in the green rods and finish off the bases with flock. Most of the original bases are resin copies of masters I made 13 years ago (which I still have if I wanted to make new molds). For this project I’m just going to finish the basing on the newer models the old fashioned way, but I ordered a “sack ‘o skulls” from Secret Weapon which comes with 50 resin 28mm skulls along with a bunch of green transparent resin crystals from Anarchy Models.

The narrative for my Necron force is one where the Imperium unknowingly settled a Tomb World. Through some excavation or exploration they stumbled across the Necron tombs and awoke them from their long slumber. Now they lay waste to the invaders as they re-claim their home world. So the bases reflect broken and damaged Imperial buildings and skeletal remains of its inhabitants. The green crystals will represent a sort of “terraforming” that the world is undergoing, something like what the Martians in the Tom Cruise version of War of the Worlds were doing to Earth.

I’m also starting to work on my 3000 point list for the big game, so I can come up with an assembly and painting list and prioritize what I need to get done for the end of August. The biggest challenge will be the Forge World Canoptek Tomb Stalker. This huge centipede-like model will look great when it’s done, but it has a ton of little parts and each segmented body section is independent so you can pose it almost anyway you want. I’m looking at using the statue from the Heroes of the Imperium terrain set, cutting off the top half and painting it up like stone or concrete that has been toppled, and then having the Tomb Stalker rearing up over the top of it. Should make for an impressive display!


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