6MMRPC Week 3 Mid-Week Update

Just a quick mid-week update. I have been slowly working on my Necrons for the big game in August. Matching the metallic colors on my newer models to the older models took a bit of doing, but I finally figured out a pretty good match if not the same exact mix of colors I originally used 10 years ago. I did have to re-basecoat some of the Monolith as the color I started with was off, which ended up with me having to redo one of the green side panels because I didn’t mask if off well enough so I lost about an evening’s painting to fixing that mistake.


Coming along nicely.

I also started working on the first of three Doom Scythes I need to assemble and paint for the big game. Playing a learning game on Friday and wanted to field a flyer in order to learn the new rules. I also finally broke down and picked up a 7th edition rulebook on eBay this week for $65, a steal considering it is an $85 book! I’m trying to think about what needs to be painted when on the Doom Scythe as I put it together to make painting a little easier, but I hope to get the main body painting and assembly finished up tonight so I can field it Friday evening. I’ll work on the weapons later this weekend.


Painting the cockpit and other bits that will be hard to reach once fully assembled.

I also figured out how to finally do the unit markings on my Necron Warriors and other models. I had attempted to originally use decals 10 years ago, but it was fiddly and didn’t turn out well (only one or two models have test decals on them). I had thought about a paint pen for the markings, but after buying one with the smallest tip I could find it wasn’t fine enough of a line to work. I eventually settled on using gold in various patters on their shoulder patters based on this image I found online while looking for inspiration.

15.2.23 a (3) (800x546)

Not my Warriors, but the way he marked units served as inspiration on how I will mark my Warrior units.

On a personal front I had my carpal tunnel surgery consult this week and I’m scheduled to have surgery on my right had in about two weeks. Recovery time sounds fast and the doctor said I could be back to work and driving within a few days and within about six weeks I should be fully recovered. Then it will be onto the left hand. This will slow up some of my painting progress for a while, but in the long run it is worth it as I’ll be able to paint for longer without my hands going numb.


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