6MMRPC Week Two Update – Necrons!

I set aside my cyber-punk police assembly and decided to pull out my Necrons later this week and work on them. My buddies and I are planning an Apocalypse game later this summer and I wanted to set the goal that anything I field for that game is going to be painted. I haven’t played 40K in a while (still a bit burned by the fact that 7th edition came out less than two years after 6th edition) but I have a bunch of new Necron codex stuff I have yet to assemble so this Apocalypse game will motivate me.

I decided to start with a couple monoliths I assembled years ago for our last big game but never finished painting. I have to say I’m in love with my airbrush. After just a couple hours of work I had most of the base work done. The parts still in black are actually going to be drybrushed a rusty metallic color to match the color scheme of my Necrons (painted originally some ten years ago). You can see the new monolith next to the original drybrushed one from ten years ago as well.


Basecoat done! First time basecoating something with my airbrush. I may swear off canned primer for good!

Putting on the color!

Base color and highlighting done!

Compared to my original monolith from ten years ago. Both are good, but the airbrushed one took about half the time to get it to the point it is at.

Spent another 45 minutes or so highlighting panel edges and working on the glyphs, still need to finish panel edges but decided to call it a night (stole the crystal from my old monolith to see how it looked).

The new monolith is definitely lighter in shade, but I like it. Considering that the old Necrons really had no vehicles other than the monolith I don’t mind that lighter airbrushed look since all the vehicles they have were added in the last update and I haven’t painted any of those yet. I may re-visit some of my destroyers and airbrush them a bit, but almost every other model I’d airbrush is brand new or replaced with a better model. You can also see a little bit of test panel lining I did with a Gundam marker. I will finish up the panel edging and the rest of the paint, then seal the model with some Future floor polish through the airbrush before doing the rest of the panel lines as this will let me clean up any errors I make at that step. It will also prep the model for the decals.


I also burned one of my jokers this weekend. I have some Counterblast pulp sci-fi figures from Bombshell Miniatures that I’m planning on working on for my sci-fi skirmish game and I wanted some battlesuits/robots for them. I have some of Hydra Miniatures excellent warbots, but I also really liked the Adeptus Mecahnicus Kastelan Robots from Games Workshop so I had to grab a boxed set. Remove the imperial eagles and these will make for excellent pulp style robots and/or battlesuits. This still leaves me with three jokers, however, as I had earned one for completing my Camp Grizzly figures in week one.


I had a chance to try out my homemade wet pallet and it has worked great! I love that I have much more working time with my paints now, which will be great when working with mixed colors. The resealable container works great if I want to take a break (which I often need to with my carpal tunnel) or if I want to come back the next morning. It was worth the $12 investment.

That’s all for now. I need to hit up my storage unit this week to grab a few of my Necron items to work on. I have to put together a bunch of stuff I’ve had laying around to prep for the big game and I’m trying to get a head start as I’m expecting to go in for carpal tunnel surgery on my right hand in a few weeks (hopefully), but more on that later!


2 responses to “6MMRPC Week Two Update – Necrons!

  1. AIrbrushing can be exciting. It looks like you are taking to it very easy. Nice effects you’ve managed. I would suggest looking up the schematic to disassemble/assemble and save it somewhere convenient before you actually need it. It’s always a little anxiety generating trying to dissassemble/unclog/clean/reassemble your brush to see if it isn’t broken.

    I managed to grow mold on my first wet pallete, so just keep in mind you should let it dry out from time to time and pitch the consumables.

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