Cyber-punk police, Broken Token, wet pallet and rules writing

Not much to report on this mid-week update. I started putting together some old not-Appleseed/cyber-punk police miniatures I picked up from Victory Force years ago. Plan to paint them up with Zandirs IV’s Satria battlesuit in blue and white police livery to match the Antenocitic’s Workshop police interceptor I painted up for KublaCon and still need to finish detailing and decaling.


Victory Force cyber-punk police and Zandris IV Satria battlesuit.


WIP shot of Antenociti’s Workshop police interceptor I painted up for KublaCon over Memorial Day weekend last month.

I also sourced a couple items from my local Michael’s to try out a wet pallet. I had been looking to pickup the Privateer Press wet pallet from my FLGS, however they had been out of stock several weeks running. I knew I could make my own, but I didn’t want to have to run around trying to source the right materials. I went to Michael’s looking for something else and struck out. On my way out this small sandwich container caught my eye. It met the criteria for a wet pallet container, small, wide, sealable. I pulled out my phone and did a quick search for the other materials. I knew I needed a sponge or paper towel, but wasn’t sure what I needed for the actual pallet. Turned out I needed baker’s parchment. I told myself if I could find it at Michael’s then I’d get it and make my own wet pallet, and sure enough, in the baking supplies isle, they had some. I have yet to try it, but hope to soon and will update when I do try it.


On non-miniature fronts I finished putting together the excellent storage solution from Broken Token for Mage Knight. Broken Token makes a bunch of excellent laser cut wooden organizers for many games and I highly recommend you check them out!


Finally, I’ve been working on the beta rules for my 28mm generic sci-fi skirmish game Ground Pounder. I slacked off last year and didn’t get as far along as I would have liked, but KublaCon and emboldened me to complete my work on the game and hopefully run a modest Kickstarter to help pay for cover and interior artwork with plans to publish online as a PDF and print-on-demand.


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