Camp Grizzly Miniatures

While at KublaCon game convention over Memorial Day weekend in Burlingame, California my friend Dan and I played a demo of a game I had been following since its Kickstarter, Camp pic2537804Grizzly by Ameritash Games. In Camp Grizzly, players take on the role of camp counselors at a summer camp where the homicidal grounds keeper Otis, who has an unhealthy bear fetish, is stalking and killing the counselors. Your goal, find objects to escape. The game is a fun and fast cooperative board game that captures the tropes and atmosphere of 70’s and 80’s slasher films. ZombieSmith also produced a pack of miniatures for Otis and the six camp counselors that really add a nice touch to the game. So in addition to picking up the base game at the show, I also had to pick up the miniatures. Wanting to share this great new game with my regular gaming group I resolved to make painting the miniatures my first project of the 6 Month Mountain Reduction and Painting Challenge.

I cleaned up the miniatures and used some Vallejo Dark Earth paste to level out the cast bases with the 25mm round bases. After that dried I flocked the bases with sand and then primed with grey. I started with Otis and essentiallymatched the artwork to my paint scheme. I used Games Workshop’s excellent technical paint Blood for the Blood God to create the gore on Otis, however I realized I should have done that after dull coating the figure as much for sheen from the technical paint was lost.



IMG_7723 IMG_7724

Kevin was up next. I took some liberty with his colors and matched his shirt but gave him white shorts rather than the light blue/grey shorts in the artwork.


Followed by Sherry. I kind of messed up on her shirt, thinking it was orange and then when I looked at the artwork noticed it was yellow with orange stripes. I decided the orange looked good anyway and kind of matched the orange on the other camp shirts I planned to do for Tracy and CJ so I left it.


Karen to a little extra time to get right. First time around I wasn’t happy with her highlighting and her hair so I re-worked them. Her hair looked too grey, so I toned down the highlights and then gave it a wash of blue. I then added some additional highlighting to her clothing and she looked less drab after that.


Jody was next up. I think he was supposed to have dark hair, but his artwork left a little room for interpretation so I gave him brown hair since I already had three other characters with black hair (Karen, CJ, and Otis). I even took the time to paint woodgrain on his bat.


Tracy and CJ were last up. I was able to do them at the same time since they both had the camp shirt on and blue shorts. I think CJ had jean shorts so I added a bit of grey to his blue, while Tracy had running shorts and ended up with some white striping.


Here is a group photo taken just after I finished dull coating CJ and Tracy before I finished their basing. Because they had the cast bases I went for outdoors style bases and used grass clumps, ivy from Army Painter, and some small Woodland Scenics foliage clumps along with some leaf litter.


And the completed group photo on the board along with a few shots from Friday’s game.


IMG_7784 IMG_7783 IMG_7782

All-in-all the miniatures for Camp Grizzly where fun to paint and something different from your normal miniature soldiers. I highly recommend checking out the game if you get a chance, it’s a lot of fun and plays fairly fast.


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