Out of the Box Review: Eureka Miniatures Modern Australians

This is a long overdo “out of the box” review of some of the wonderful 15mm miniatures I received as a prize for the Titanium Dropshop painting contest, which I took first place in the squad category earlier this year.

I received 25 of Eureka Miniatures’ 15mm Australian infantry as part of my prize package. They look to be modern but could easily pass for near-future or a low-tech militia.

The infantry themselves are armed with what appears to be a bull-pup rifle, probably the Steyr AUG, which I believe is standard issue for Australia’s military. The rifles have plenty of extra bits sculpted on like lights, scopes and grenade launchers, so they look sufficiently sci-fi at this scale. The range of poses is nice, most are standing, but there is one prone figure and one kneeling figure.

A selection of infantry.

A selection of infantry.

The pack comes with four figures armed with squad automatic weapons of some type, and a 5th figure that looks to have a squad automatic weapon minus the ammo box (not sure what these are). They come with nice box magazines (except the 5th figure) and really stand out compared to the standard infantry weapon, something that is important at this scale.

Squad automatic weapons.

Squad automatic weapons.

The set is rounded out by some character figures and weapons teams. There are two leader types that are pointing, one standing and the other kneeling. Again, it is nice to be able to easily distinguish your leaders at this scale. There are two radiomen, again one kneeling and one standing. One of the weapons team is a heavy weapon anti-tank crew with spotter. However my favorite figures of this pack are the sniper team in ghillie suits, which could also pass for an IR reducing suit. Both figures are prone and you get the sniper and his spotter.

Leaders, radiomen, sniper team, and anti-tank team.

Leaders, radiomen, sniper team, and anti-tank team.

Overall these figures are very nice. The detail is excellent for 15mm and they have a moderate amount of flashing to clean off. My only complaint is many of the barrels are thin and easily bent. I could see this being a problem over time. I will probably paint mine up as a peace keeping force or planetary militia to use in scenarios. I also have a few GZG robot soldiers and drones that I could use to bolster this force and make it a corporate strike team as well.


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