Out of the Box Review: Meka for Warzone Resurrection

imgresThis is a quick “out of the box” review of the Meka for Warzone Resurrection by Prodos Games. I ordered it directly from Prodos Games. Shipping was alright and took about two weeks, a little longer than average from the UK to the West Coast of the US. Unfortunately after I placed my order Prodos Games changed their webstore and I was forced to create a new account and had lost any ability to track the status of my order. An email request to them for a status also went unanswered (still unanswered as of this post*). Still, I received my item, so I am happy.

Upon opening the box I found the model wrapped in bubble wrap and in a baggie. Beneath the model in another small baggie were the stat card and some other cards. I don’t play Warzone so I’m not sure what these other cards are used for.

The model itself comes on two sprues. The model looks like it is resin or a resin-plastic blend. The molding is fairly clean. I only found one bubble under the “nose” of the main body. Mold lines vary from very little to needing some good clean up, but being resin/resin-plastic it should clean up easily. It will need to be washed as I can feel some mold release on the model.IMG_4838

The legs appear to be statically posed, no ball-and-socket joints. One could convert the legs to get more pose-ability out of them, but I honestly find posing legs the most difficult part of model building so I don’t mind them to be statically posed. The arms, however, do contain a ball-and-socket joint at the shoulder allowing for a small degree of pose-ability. Again, one could do some minor conversion to get some additional flexibility out of the arms.

Size wise the model comes with a 50mm lipped base and looks like it will stand around 75mm tall. It looks like it will fit well with other battlesuits such as ZandrisIV’s Pendekar or Infinity T.A.G.s. I look forward to building this and will post an update after I have it put together.

* I did receive a response via a Facebook post from Prodos Games on Monday that I just saw today (Edited 04-16-2014).

IMG_4839 IMG_4840 IMG_4841 IMG_4842


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