Quick Workbench Update


Added a vibro-knife and ammo pouches to the Pendekar.

Haven’t had much time the last few days to get anything significant done modeling wise. Worked on basing my MERCS Yellow Jackets and Pendekar battlesuit last night. I also hit upon an idea to add a few bits to my Pendekar after researching paint schemes on the titans from Titanfall. I liked the ammo pouches, so I dug out some old bits and added a vibro-knife and ammo pouches to my Pendekar. I plan to go with a white-grey paint scheme like the life-size titan, accented by some yellow-ocher colored striping. The ammo pouches will be a light olive green color. The Yellow Jackets will be painted in a similar color scheme with grey suits and white armor. I also added concrete rubble and other detritus to the bases of the Pendekar and Yellow Jackets. Just need to finish flocking them and they can go to base coating.


Base work in progress…


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