Pendekar Battlesuit from ZandrisIV Miniatures

In putting together my generic 28mm sci-fi skirmish rules, Ground Pounder, I have been looking for some good battlesuits as the game mainly centers around infantry with battlesuit support. The Infinity range by Corvus Belli has some beautiful options, but I wanted to source some independent models in order to photograph them for the book. In comes ZandrisIV Miniatures with their beautiful Pendekar battlesuit.


Pendekar parts.

Shipping was lightning fast from the UK and Andre was a pleasure to order from. I received my package this Monday, exactly one week after it was sent out. Out of the package the model was supplied with a 40mm base and consisted of 10 pieces plus 2 spare hands for a total of 12 pieces. The molding was clean, with very little cleanup needing to be done on the model, and detail was sharp.

The model went together very easily and took me about an hour from start to finish. I pinned nearly every piece with the exception of the shoulder armor bits. The legs are one piece, which I pinned to a slightly larger 50mm lipped base. The torso is similarly pinned to the legs. I only ran into a small problem with the right arm as I slightly mis-aligned the pinning holes on the forearm and hand, but that was my fault and no fault of the model’s design. Once it was pinned I could play with the posing until I was happy with it and then glued it all together.


Pendekar nearly complete, just playing with posing.

The size and design of the model is perfect for what I was looking for. From the feet to the top of the torso the Pendekar stands at just about 54mm, or 61mm if you include to the top of the missile launcher. Styling, detail and size wise it stands up well against an Infinity battlesuit. I look forward to painting it and will have to add a couple more to my collection in the future!

ZandrisIV also has a new battlesuit coming out in the next month or so, the Boucner Mk2, and it looks amazing! I should be getting one to paint up for Andre once it is out so stay tuned for a review and work log of my progress.

Stay tuned for my review and build up of the Bouncer Mk1 coming next…


Pendekar compared to Nomads Szalamandra from infinity.


Pendekar supporting MERCS Yellow Jackets.


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