Blast from the Past

CSO Peacekeepers

I started putting together some of my old Aberrant CSO Peacekeepers from their Rezolution line tonight for Ground Pounder. I plan to use them as a corporate security force backed up by another oldie from Aberrant’s Rezolution, the CSO Warbot. I have a couple of Warhammer 40k dreadnaught bases on order from eBay for the Warbot. I plan to use the pointing major model as a lieutenant, while the variant with her helmet off will be a hero character. I have two more troopers to finish up tomorrow as I was pinning all their arms and heads and with my carpal tunnel I have to take frequent breaks. I may see about ordering a couple blisters of basic troopers so I can convert one of the three snipers I have as I’m not too fond of their backwards caps for Ground Pounder and to bolster their numbers.


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