So this happened…

Dropship Horizon ran their first annual 15mm painting contest recently, the Titanium Dropship. I entered some Critical Mass Games ARC troopers I painted up with no expectation of placing. There were some excellent entries from some great painters. I woke up this Sunday morning to an email stating I had placed First in the Squad Leader category! Needless to say I was both surprised, honored and humbled to have won first place in this category with so many excellent entries.

On a side note I have failed woefully to post weekly. I could site work reasons (which have been keeping me busy), but I need to make some time to work on my gaming and keep posting here. The contest has somewhat spurred my motivation and I have several project in the pipe. Something new that is happening, however, is that my own 28mm sci-fi skirmish game Ground Pounder has been resurrected from the ashes. I have been in talks with Andrea Sfiligoi of Genesha Games to license his system as a core for Ground Pounder. Keep watching for updates on that and on the progress of miniatures as I get ready for KublaCon in May!


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