X-Wing Miniatures: “I have you now.”

X-Wings and Tie Fighters maneuver into position at the onset of the dog fight.

I had a chance to setup and play through a quick game of X-Wing by Fantasy Flight Games this Friday. The 3′ x 3′ star field mat is by Monday Knight Productions. The asteroids are from an old demo set for Battlefleet Gothic that Games Workshop sent out to hobby stores a long time ago.

The game itself is pretty simple and fast. Players choose squads from a number of named and generic pilots using a point system. In addition, pilots have upgrades available depending on the icons on their cards. Upgrades can include skills, weapons, and droids and typically cost between 1 and 4 points. Players then proceed to secretly choose a maneuver for their pilot. The maneuvers vary depending on the type of craft, for example Tie Fighters are much more maneuverable than the venerable X-Wing Fighter. Once players have chosen their maneuvers they are revealed and the fighters are moved using the appropriate template.

Pilots can then take an action listed on their card, such as an evasion action that gives the pilot an evasion token they can later discard to cancel a single hit or a focus action that gives the pilot a focus token that can be discarded to change a focus icon on an attack of evade die roll to a hit or evade icon. There are several other actions such as target lock and barrel roll that pilots can also perform.

After taking an action pilot can then attack enemy fighters in their forward arc by checking range and rolling a number of attack dice equal to their primary (or secondary if equipped) attack with the defender rolling a number of evasion dice equal to that ship’s evasion characteristics. Hits can either be regular hits or critical hits. Damage is dealt from a damage deck, with regular damage being dealt face down and critical hits being dealt face up and the effect being applied.

Our game didn’t take very long to play. On the Imperial side we had Darth Vader, Mithrial Mauler and a generic pilot. On the Rebel side we had Wedge Antilles and Luke Skywalker. Wedge took out Vader in a head-to-head dual, but was later taken out by a Tie Fighter. Luke survived to take out the last two Tie Fighters to avenge Wedge’s death. It was an enjoyable and quickly little game. I don’t see myself investing too much money into the game, although I will probably pickup a second starter set for an extra range ruler, set of movement templates and extra dice.

Wedge skirts around the asteroid field to flank the Tie Fighters.

Overview of the battlefield after the first moves have been made.

Wedge and Vader face off.

Wedge and Luke go hunting after the last two Tie Fighters.




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