Gundam action at SoCal Smackdown

Three Zeon Zakus advance along the river towards Federation forces.

Last weekend I had an opportunity to run my homebrew Mobile Suit Gundam game at SoCal Smackdown. The game is based on a set of plug-in rules for Warhammer 40,000. I took the rules and modified them to include rules from 4th and 5th edition plus a few of my own rules and created stat cards for all of the mobile suits. The result is a fast and fun giant robot game which anybody can get behind even if they don’t know the history of the Universal Century MS Gundam world.

I’ve been stewing on some changes to the rules I use to clean them up and make them a bit faster. Going with a recommendation from my friend Dan I plan to eliminate the multiple damage charts and create a new 2D6 (giving me a range of 2-12) damage grid similar to Warmachine on the card itself. Wound points, which let suits take a 4+ save against damage, will go away and be replaced by hull points. These two minor changes reduce the number of rolls significantly. Glancing hits will knock of hull points from the damage grid left to right, while also potentially causing the pilot to be stunned or shaken if the hit is powerful enough. Penetrating hits will roll on the damage chart, marking off the first unmarked box in the column rolled.

In the meantime, here are some more pictures from the game. Enjoy!

The Gouf goes down after battling it out with a ground-type Gundam.

Zakus knock out a Gun Cannon before assaulting a ground-type GM.

An overview of the battle towards the end of the game.


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