Vikings update: Hearthguard

Tonight I finished two units of hearthguard for my SAGA Vikings warband.

Viking hearthguard for SAGA.

The figures are Wargames Factory Viking Huscarls on 30mm rolled edge bases (basing in SAGA doesn’t really matter and 30mm is the largest base for your non-warlord figures). I did a bit of minor conversion work and used from arrows from a set of Games Workshop skeletons for one of the figure’s shield. They’re a little on the large size, but far easier than making my own.

I used some La Doll lightweight stone clay to cover the slots and build up the base height to better align with their built-in bases. I find the stone clay a little easier to work with than green stuff for filling in base slots, just put a bit of white glue on the base and press in a couple small balls of the clay and smooth it out and let it dry overnight. I still need to use some clay on the second unit of hearthguard, but it was way past my bedtime so I decided to pack it up for the night.

Viking hearthguard for SAGA.

Another shot of the first unit of Viking hearthguard for SAGA.



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