Pulp City

On a recent trip to the Bay Area I stopped by my favorite local gaming store, Game Kastle, and picked up the Pulp City rulebook. After reading through the rulebook over the weekend I stopped by the store again on my way home and picked up some figures to go along with it. I decided to go with the Ape Revolution Committee (A.R.C.) as they seem like a very fun faction to play and they are heroes/villains, which makes them very versatile. I originally picked up what you see in the photo, however I ordered and received the Chimp-Chi and Silverrager & Le Murtiple expansion sets as well.

To base the figures I ordered some awesome 30mm and 40mm concrete styled bases from Dragon Forge Design. Terrain wise I’ve been looking at some O-scale train buildings and accessories, 1/43 scale diecast cars, Armorcast accessories and some miscellaneous 28mm pewter accessories form RAFM. However, I may simple build some WorldWorks Games and Fat Dragon Games printable terrain, supplemented with some of the afore mentioned accessories. If I play the game regularly enough, then I might invest in making a nicer board and building/buying some nicer buildings.


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