ADD and Blood Ravens

Sometimes I think I have ADD when it comes to my hobby. Despite working on a new Dark Eldar army I have suddenly become interested in starting a Space Marine army too. Having recently watched “Ultramarines: The Movie” I wanted my own Chapter of Adeptus Astartes to deal out punishment to heretics, traitors, mutants, aliens and demons. I used to have a small Crimson Fists army a long time ago, but I wanted to do something more than vanilla Marines. In one of my White Dwarf back issues I saw a beautifully painted Flesh Tearers army and realized I could do a successor chapter to the Blood Angels, which would give me access to all of the Space Marine’s armory, plus a few tasty tidbits. Although the Flesh Tearers are a nice army, I’m thinking of doing the Blood Ravens Chapter from “Dawn of War” based on the Blood Angels codex. Their founding chapter seems to be mired in mystery, but Blood Angels is one of the top two theories and seems to be a good fit. Forge World has a nice decal sheet too, which seems to have clenched the idea of doing Space Marines again.

Now to just finish my Dark Eldar so I can get going on my Blood Ravens…


One response to “ADD and Blood Ravens

  1. I know the feeling. I have an entire Finnish army to paint and I’m already thinking about a French fortification list in FoW, never mind the two entire unpainted armies I have for LOTR, my two huge Epic armies, my Orcs and Goblins, Witch hunters, IG, more Empire…. You get the picture. *8)

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