The Dark Eldar are coming!

Despite the rumors and strong indications that a new Necron codex is on the horizon I have decided in the meantime to start work on a new Warhammer 40K army that is more competitive and up-to-date. I spent several weeks going around and looking at different armies to build from the enigmatic Eldar to the stalwart Space Marines to the brutal Orks. In the end I decided to go for one of the newest 40K armies to be released, the Dark Eldar.

It seems I have a soft spot for xenos, having focused on Necrons, Tau and now Dark Eldar in the past few years. The models are just amazing and the breadth of plastic models available is amazing. Nearly all the core elements of the Dark Eldar are available in plastic, with only a few elite and HQ units in Fine Cast. Although never a fan of the Raider/Ravager, having built my first Raider the new design has grown on me. However, I absolutely love the entire range of models, from the new Hellions to the Wyches to the Talos Pain Engine.

Stay tuned for more updates as I start to make progress on building my army. Currently I have 5 Hellions, a unit of Wyches, a Raider and last night I put together my Archon. I plan to have 500pts ready by this Friday, which will include some Warriors and 3 Reavers (the Hellions will not be part of the 500pts).


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