Necrons are nigh?

While visiting the LA Battle Bunker yesterday and picking up some items for my latest project (more on that later) I was talking with the manager about Necrons and the rumor of their upcoming codex. He said he believes it’s very close to being announced. Why? Because, he said, they could no longer order any Necron codexes. Additionally, I have noticed that none of the Fine Cast releases have included any Necron models, not even a Lord. To me, these are two very good indicators that Necrons are due very, very soon for an updated codex and models.

Still, it could be a several months and I would like to have a more competitive army in the meantime, coupled with my interest in building a new army (other than another shooty army, i.e. my Tau), so I have already started collecting and working on a new army…but more on that in another post…


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