Necrons rise from their tomb

My Necrons emerge from their long slumber.

Back in 2002 when Codex Necrons was released I built the army you see above. After a couple years the army went into hibernation until just a couple months ago when I pulled it back out to play some Warhammer 40K with it. Now the oldest codex available, the Necrons have suffered in 5th edition and desperately need an updated codex. Rumor has it one is due out in the last quarter of 2011, but I won’t hold my breath until I see an announcement from Games Workshop. Despite their shortcomings in 5th edition I still find myself drawn to the models and their background and have been working on finishing up the army and even expanding it. I have added 5 Immortals, bringing the total to 10. I have also added 10 Pariahs and a new Lord of foot with a Resurrection Orb. I also picked up a battleforce boxed set along with some extra Heavy Destroyers and Destroyers as well as 2 additional Monoliths to make the army Apocalypse capable. I have also recently picked up a Forge World Tome Stalker from the Battlebunker this past weekend.

I hope to see a new codex for the Necrons this year. Rumor has it there are a bunch of new plastic models planned for the release, including plastic Immortals and Tomb Spyders. In the meantime, I plan to work on what I have and get this army finished up after nearly 9 years since originally starting work on the army.


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